Teaching pedagogies -

Interdisciplinary and experiential learning forms the basis of classes extending from I to V which is supported by a caring, friendly and well-structured learning environment.

It uses a blend of technique and technology which aims in developing a child’s sense of discovery and observation. Special attention is paid towards accentuating linguistic skills, scientific and mathematical concepts. The children are motivated to develop a love for learning.

Creative techniques and attractive combination of diagrams, graphical representations, charts and models, smart class modules, hand-on experiments, visits to Language labs, Science & Math labs, nature walks helps the young learners develop an inquisitive nature, imagination and also helps them stand out in academics.


In accordance with the CBSE guidelines, annual assessment of the students is based on six Formative Assessments which include worksheet comprising variety of question answers as well as activity-based questions such as Grid and Puzzles, Crossword, Map Skills, Recitation and Identify/Rectify errors.